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Sparti, GREECE


A rare opportunity to purchase a large producing olive farm in one of the top olive oil regions in the world. 

Near Sparti, Laconia, Greece


The farm has been owned by the same family for generations. 


Located in the agriculturally rich valley of the Eurotas River, with the magnificent Taygetus Mountains soaring above. 

Only 8km from the thriving city of Sparti on the Peleponeses, in the famous Laconia region of  Greece. 

28km from Kalamata (as the crow flies)

35km from the beach resort and port of Githio 

2.5 hours drive from Athens.   



2 options:

Seller’s preferred option:

800,000 euros for parcels 1) and 2)

Total of 44,703.65 square metres of land and 1,250 olive trees

Bore hole, well, automated irrigation systems, 2 storage buildings

Agreement to allow water use for parcels 3) and 4) at negotiated metered rate to be paid annually to purchaser


2nd option:

1,100,000 euros for all four parcels of land

Total of 73,946.83 square metres of land and 2,200 olive trees


Map of Location in Greece

Map Athens and Sparti.JPG

Sparti (site of ancient Sparta) is 2.5 hours drive from Athens

Located on the Peleponeses

Olive Farm is 8km south of Sparti

on the highway from Sparti to the coast at Githio

Satellite Maps of Land Parcels

Map 2 Areas.jpg

Parcels 1 and 2

Locations of Borehole and Well

Highway from Sparti to coast at Githio

Map All Four Areas.jpg

Parcels 1, 2, 3 and 4



For more information or to arrange to see the property, please contact

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