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Olive Farm for Sale

Sparti, Greece

A rare opportunity to purchase a large producing olive farm

in one of the top olive oil regions in the world.  

Sparti, Laconia, Greece on the Peleponeses

IMG-1388_Olive trees_S.JPG
Land Parcels

The farm is made up of four parcels of land:


1)  37,521.65 square metres with its own water supply (well and bore hole)

Automated irrigation system

400 olive trees which are 20 years old

And 700 olive trees which are 3 years old

250m frontage on the highway

Zoning and permit to allow multiple uses on this property (including retail, gas station, light industrial)

Permit to allow construction of a roadway intersection on the property (to allow a second entrance from the highway)


2)   7,182 square metres relies on water supply from parcel 1)

Automated irrigation system

150 olive trees which are 20 years old


3)  19,189.85 square metres relies on water supply from parcel 1)

Automated irrigation system

500 mature olive trees

Located about 500m east of parcels 1 and 2


4)  10,053.33 square metres relies on water supply from parcel 1)

Automated irrigation system

300 mature olive trees

Located about 500m east of parcels 1 and 2

Euro Symbol.JPG

2 options:

Seller’s preferred option:

1,000,000 euros for parcels 1) and 2)

Total of 44,703.65 square metres of land and 1,250 olive trees

Bore hole, well, irrigations systems, 2 storage buildings

Agreement to allow water use for parcels 3) and 4) at negotiated metered rate to be paid annually to purchaser


2nd option:

1,600,000 euros for all four parcels

Total of 73,946.83 square metres of land and 2,200 olive trees

Borehole, well, irrigation systems, 2 storage buildings

Greek Government Building.JPG
Zoning and Permits
Greek Government Building.JPG
Zoning and Permits

All four parcels of land have permits from the Greek Government Forest Department and the Greek Government Archeological Services confirming that they are free to build on and giving permission for development. 

These permits stay with the land through changes of ownership and take years to achieve. 

The seller has gone through the long process of gaining these permits for all four parcels. 

The zoning permits additional uses, including construction of additional buildings and businesses on the property, and permission to build private roads. 

Irrigation and Sunlight

Water Supply: Bore hole, well, pumps and pump house / storage buildings.

Irrigation: Extensive modern automated irrigation systems to water all 2,200 trees. 

Sunlight:  The excellent location of the farm means that all four parcels and all 2,200 olive trees receive maximum sunlight all day, from sunrise to sunset, all year.  This results in maximum growth and maximum productivity. 

IMG-1913 Electrical Supply_S.PNG
Electrical Supply

Number 5 electrical (industrial) power supply on all four parcels of land. 

This is the highest power supply available in Greece. 

Olive Oil.JPG
Olive Oil Production

2018 Production: 10 tonnes of olive oil

In two years as the younger olive trees mature, production is expected to double. 

IMG-1911_8km road_S.PNG
Transportation Access

Highway Access:  Excellent road access for easy transportation.  Farm is located on the highway from Sparti  (8km) to the coast at Githeo (35km). 

There is the option to have two entrances from the highway on to the property. 


Olive Pressing Factories:  The farm is situated near 3 olive pressing factories, with the closest one only 100m from the property line.   


Farm Roads:  There are good private gravel roads on the property.

IMG-1257 stone house_S.JPG
Residential Lots

If the buyer wishes to build a home in the charming nearby village of Anoyia (Ανωγεια) (6 minute drive from the farm), a choice of two suitable home sites within the village residential area are available from the same sellers. 

15,000 euros for 1,277.63 square metres Residential Site

And / Or

50,000 euros for 3,812.48 square metres Residential Site

Both lots have water and electricity and are located in the buildable section of the village. 

The village has approximately 400 year round residents and is 10km from Sparti. 

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